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Tipp: Free eBooks from R.C. Sproul



Für die Leser von eng­li­scher Lite­ra­tur haben wir heu­te einen beson­de­ren Tipp: 14 Bücher von R.C. Sproul gibt es zum frei­en Download.

Die eBooks gibt es in den bei­den For­ma­ten ePub und Mobi.

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  1. 14 Bücher von John Piper kön­nen der­zeit im PDF‑, ePub oder Mobi-For­mat her­un­ter­ge­la­den wer­den (ePub ist Stan­dard für eRea­der, Mobi für Kind­le). Desi­ring God schreibt dazu:

    Twen­ty per­cent of all the books sold last year were elec­tro­nic, says the latest report from Book­stats. This sim­ply means that ebooks are still on the rise. More and more users like to car­ry their libra­ries in their hands. And this mat­ters for the mis­si­on of Desi­ring God.

    Though it won’t replace good old-fashio­ned books, the upward trend of ebooks has crea­ted a new plat­form for us to spread our mes­sa­ge — that God is most glo­ri­fied in us when we are most satis­fied in him.

    Over the past year we’ve crea­ted 14 new tit­les exclu­si­ve­ly released as ebooks, all free, avail­ab­le in three dif­fe­rent file for­mats to fit whiche­ver mobi­le device you use. They have inclu­ded spe­cial­ly cura­ted con­tent from John Piper on par­ti­cu­lar topics, refor­mat­ted sin­gle messages, com­bi­ned arti­cles from lea­ding pas­tors, and foun­da­tio­nal tea­ching from Piper’s cor­pus, along with intro­duc­to­ry sec­tions writ­ten ent­i­re­ly new. The topics ran­ge from how to lis­ten to ser­mons to advice on mar­ria­ge to the influ­ence of C.S. Lewis.

  2. Alexander Rempel sagt

    Dan­ke Joschie, für den Hin­weis. Die­sen Tipp hat­te ich für heu­te geplant :-).


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